Artistic Rollerskating

Artistic Roller Skating is a demanding and beautiful sport – strength and speed are combined with grace, poise, precision and agility.

Artistic Roller Skating is a fun, safe sport that is practiced worldwide. There are four disciplines in Artistic Roller Skating.

  • The Athleticism of Freeskating
  • The Grace of Dance skating
  • The Spectacle of Precision skating
  • The Poise of Figure skating

Our artistic development program is available to skaters who have completed the learn to skate program and would like to continue to develop the specific skills to become a successful Artistic Rollerskater.

Please contact Belinda on 6621 6565 for more information. 

Roller Derby

Northern Rivers Roller Derby is a flat track roller derby league that welcomes skaters of all genders and those with just basic of skills as we are happy to teach you all the skill required for derby. We have skates and safety equipment to borrow.

Roller derby is a griping exciting fun filled sport is played on quad skates. As a full contact Roller Sport, Derby bouts are played in two 30-minute halves which are broken up into 2-minute periods known as jams. Two teams both with 15 skaters, 5 of which are on the track battling it out at any time during each jam.

Roller derby is played on an oval track skating in a counter clockwise direction. Points are awarded when the scoring skater known as a jammer, from one team passes a member of the opposing team, each player passed is worth one point. Being a full contacted sport, the 4 defensive players of the opposing team, known as the blockers, can use physical force to stop the jammer passing them, as well as helping to clear the way for their own jammer. The team that has the most points at the end of the game is deemed the winner.

Our session times are at Rollerworld on Thursdays at 6pm. First session is free to try and $15 thereafter. For more information please contact us through our Facebook page or email

Inline Hockey

Inline Hockey is a fast and exciting team sport, played by people of all ages and skill levels. Inline Hockey involves two teams, with a minimum of five players per team including a goalie, who attempt to obtain possession of the puck and score in the opponent’s goal. Equipment includes an ice hockey style stick, inline skates and protective gear. It’s fun, fast and exciting.

Juniors start from 4:30pm Monday and beginners learn to play through the
Skate Australia Mighty Pucks learn to play program.

The goals and objectives of the “Mighty Pucks” Program is to:

  • To increase and enhance the participation in Inline Hockey
  • To develop opportunities and services in Inline Hockey for both the competitive and recreational market.
  • To establish a good working relationship with commercial rink
  • To realise the social, health and economic benefits of participation in
    the sport of Inline Hockey and in recreational skating activities.
  • To provide coaches and clubs with an easily digestible and structured
    program that can be used to teach new inline hockey players of all
  • To provide incentive and rewards for Inline Hockey Players as they
    participate and learn the game/skills.

In 2012, the program was revised to ensure that opportunities are provided to expand the membership base for beginner participants both on inline skates and traditional skates.

The revised program also provides for the opportunity to include competitions in an environment that is based on learning rather than on winning. The revised Inline Hockey program includes the following structures and achievement levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Seniors Inline Hockey Drop-In games start from 6:30pm Monday.

Players of all abilities are welcome to come enjoy a fun social game of inline hockey. Equipment is available for new players to use. For more information contact Staff at Rollerworld Ph. 66216565 or email:

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